About Us

Melone Brothers Bakery

With a passion to provide customers with the best possible product, the dedication of the Melone brothers has kept them in business for almost 30 years in New York and New Jersey. Now in a new state of the art facility, they continue to bake all natural Artisan breads as the company soars to new heights.

The three brothers are third generation bread bakers that started out as young men in New York in a small, 6,000 square foot facility; as they learned the baking business from the bottom up. They took the knowledge and skills passed down from their father’s and grandfather’s experience of the old-time bread bakeries of Brooklyn NY to become the leader in the Artisan bread baking market. During that time not only did they learn how to make a quality, consistent product, but they also learned that customer service is a major ingredient in any successful venture.

The three brothers have a great working relationship, and it shows every day as the business continues to grow and expand: Robert Melone  carefully overseas production as well as introduction of new product and development; Donald Melone handles the day-in, day-out task of working with distributors as well as acquiring new accounts; Marc Melone handles the mechanical aspect of the bakery--setting up new machines and making sure they all stay in great working order. All three of them are almost interchangeable and they all can be found making and baking bread from time to time, especially during holiday seasons.

Robert, the president of the company, is truly a "hands-on" owner; one conversation with him and you can hear the passion in his voice to make a quality, tasty, desirable, and memorable product. "Coming from a small facility in New York, it really is a pleasure working in our new facility in New Jersey." That new facility that features all of the latest equipment & technology for a modern baker to maximize his potential. 

But the Melone Brothers can't do it alone and like many successful companies they have had many longtime employees. Steve Mesjasz started with the company when he was 16 and is now supervisor of baking operations. His baking career started as a helper and he quickly learned all the different aspects of baking--from dough development to baking and distributing many different products. "Working here is about working as a team," says Steve, "with the amount of products we produce daily its the only way to get it done efficiently and smoothly."

When you are producing 140,000 pounds of dough per week, teamwork is especially essential to keeping the business successful and smooth running. The bakery has recently installed a new, stress-free ciabatta line to keep up with the ever rising demand for their products.

The thought process at Melone Brothers bakery is to produce All Natural Breads and Rolls without sacrificing or compromising the old fashion bread baking principles. "We hope that when you think of All Natural Old World Bread Baking you think of Melone Brothers Bakery."