Par Baked Bread & Rolls

Melone Brothers Bakery is proud to announce we are now providing a par bake product line to better serve our customers. Our par baked process has been carefully designed and tested to ensure our product maintains the high level of quality we have strived to set over the years.
There are many benefits to using a par bake product. One such is the cost effectiveness, since you are baking only what you need and no more, nothing is going to waste. Another is the product quality. Bread can easily be affected by the elements, too much humidity in the air and it develops a soft spongy texture, too cold and the bread can be hard.  By baking it in your store you are guaranteeing every loaf will be consistently perfect year round.  But the biggest benefit is by far the customer satisfaction. When a customer enters your business and smells fresh hot bread they will definitely be returning.
The process is simple; we partially bake the bread about 80% of the total bake time, quick freeze the product in our blast freezers, then store at temperatures below zero. The product is then stacked on a pallet and shipped to you, anywhere in the country via frozen trailers.
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